Monday, December 22, 2014

New Years Resolutions

A lot of us like to make New Years Resolutions to better ourselves and get our lives to a better place.  Well, what if we did the same for our dogs?  Wouldn’t you want to make your pup happier and healthier?  Here are a few ideas that could help you make your dogs life a little bit better:
·      Get my dog some new I.D. tags. – This is a great chance to add some pizzazz to your pups wardrobe and better yet add to their likelihood of not getting lost, or at least found a lot sooner.  Over time tags can become hard to read, so update your info and update their style.
·      Less treats, more exercise. – We all know that you love your dog, but the best way to show them is to give them the attention they really deserve. Spend a little more time with them, take an extra stroll around the block, a trip to the park, even some rasslin’ time on the floor. It’s good for their health (and yours), and it will strengthen the bond you have.
·      Groom your dog regularly. – Aside from a little 1-on-1 time, this will show your pup how much you care. Brushing their coat can distribute essential oils all over and keep them from getting uncomfortable mats.  It’s also a great time to really look over your dog and see if there are any changes or abnormalities that you should discuss with your vet.
·      Make a date with the Vet. – Make an appointment to see your pups vet. Don’t wait until something is wrong. Let the doctor see them when they are 100% and let the vet establish a relationship with your dog when they aren’t under the weather. Talk about their diet and exercise.
·      Make a Play date. -  Break up your routine as well as your dogs. Get together with a friend who has a like-minded pup. Go to the park and then maybe visit a dog friendly restaurant. It’ll be good for them and you.
·      Teach any dog a new trick. – Just like people, stimulating a dogs mind is good for them. It can keep them younger and healthier. Play a game or teach them a new trick. Any dog can learn, no matter how old.  This again, will give you an opportunity to cement your bond.

So, there you have a few thoughts on things to do to make 2015 a little better for your pup and you. They say that “Dog is Man’s Best Friend”, but lets flip it around and show them what they mean to us.

Happy Howlidays!!

It’s the holiday season again, and we wanted to wish all of you a very Happy Holidays!! One gift we would like to share with all of you is simply, keeping your pups and other pets safe and happy.  These are things that we are sure everyone knows but sometimes in all the hustle and bustle of the season, things can get overlooked.  So as your going around and fixing up your home for the holidays, try and look at things from your pet’s perspective. Get down on your hands and knees and really look. Just make sure no one else see’s you. They’ll think you were looking for hidden presents.
Lets start with the tree, by making sure there are no electrical cords that could make a quick snack.  You might want to keep decorations off the low lying branches as they can become “toys” for your pup and may potentially be a chocking hazard.  As a general rule, we stay away from tinsel because no one can resist the delicious twinkle it gives.  Also, be careful about decorations that are food products like, popcorn, cranberries, and gingerbread ornaments.  Keep your tree properly hydrated so that the needles do not dry out too much and become dangerous little daggers, and the needles that do fall, make sure to pick them up as soon as you can so someone does not develop an appetite for forestry.
Holly, mistletoe and poinsettia’s can be dangerous for dogs as well, so if you decorate using these plants, just keep them out of harms way.
All the treats and toys around this holiday season is enough to put your pup in stimulus overload.  Don’t give too many people treats to the dog, as they are not designed to handle the rich foods we love so much. Chocolate is a danger. The darker the chocolate, the more the danger, so don’t leave your gelt just lying around after you’ve been playing with your dreidel.  And speaking of toys, make sure toys that have small pieces stay out of the idle mouths of pups.
So after the holidays are over and the presents are bestowed to the ones you love, including your pups, make sure you collect all the wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, and string, because these things can add up to one heck of intestinal blockage.

We wish everyone a very Happy and Safe Holiday Season!!

Six ways to keep your short nosed pup cool this weekend

Bob abd Ida. Best friends.
In case you don’t already know it, short nosed dogs (Bulldogs, Frenchies, Pugs, Pekingese and Boston Terriers) do not do well in the heat. Their short noses are cute but inefficient in providing the airflow needed to cool their body. That’s why they breathe mostly through their mouths when they're hot (and why they can be a bit gassy).
Here’s five things to think about during the record breaking heat this weekend:

1.     Protection: Shade, air-conditioning and a cool pool of water can be fun and a life saver. Although most short nosed dogs can't swim, they love to play in the water.
2.    Provide plenty of cool water: They will be emptying their water bowl more often so keep an eye on it. Also, toss a couple of ice cubes in there.
3.    Don't overdo it: Exercise only in the early morning or late evening. If you're relaxing in the heat of the day, your pup probably will too. Remember, your pup looks up to you and will duplicate what you're doing.
4.    Keep an eye on them:  Pay close attention to your pups breathing, stamina, and energy level.
5.    Don't wait: If your pup is having difficulty breathing or if his tongue is flat and wide, get him cooled down asap.

6.    Lighter is better: Hot weather or not, keep your pup at a healthy weight. Carrying the excess baggage will shorten their life.

This Is Bark About...

“Cuz every dog should have his day!” February 29th 2008 was the first day of Camp Run-A-Mutt. We opened our doors to 1 pup, and her name was Federicka, a golden retriever, that loved the water and spent most of her day in our splash pond playing with our own dogs. That was almost 7 years and literally thousands of dogs ago.  It’s been our honor to look after so many great pups and our customers have welcomed us into their hearts and homes and adopted us as part of their families.  People come to us with tons of questions regarding their dogs, or just dogs in general. So we decided to take this opportunity to begin our blog for Camp Run-A-Mutt. 
We are first and foremost dog lovers.  We are not veterinarians or veterinarian behaviorists, but that does not mean we are not experts as to what we do.  We work with trainers, nutritionists, groomers, and vets, all to do what is in the best interest of the pup.  Every decision we make, whether it pertains to a particular pup or a business conundrum, it all comes back to what is best for the dog. 

This is Bark About…