Thursday, May 4, 2017

Official Dog Lover Quiz

Are you a dog lover?  It’s easy to say you are but are you really? And not just YOUR dog, but allllll dogs?

Get a calculator, keep score (only one answer per question) and prepare to reveal the true dog lover in you…

1.     Do you own a dog(s)?
    a. Yes  (5 points)                                                                        
b.     No  (1 point)                                                                           
c.      No, but will when the situation is right (4 points)

2.     What do you do when you hear Sarah McLachlan on TV?
a.     Change the channel or look away (3 points)                           
b.     Watch, cry and donate (5 points)                                 
c.      No effect (1 point)                                                         
d.     Who’s Sarah McLachlan? (1 point)                                    

3.     What do you do when you see a dog in the car next to you?
a.     Look forward like a good non-distractable driver (1 point)
b.     Look over with eyes without turning head (3 points)             
c.      Wave at the dog trying not to get caught (5 points)

4.     Have you ever fostered a dog?
a.     Yes (5 points)                                                                         
b.     No, can’t, but would if could (3 points)
c.      No, would be a “failed foster” (I.E. keep the dog) (4 points)
d.     No, have no desire (2 points)

5.     Are people walking their dog more approachable?
a.     Yes (5 points)
b.     Depends on what kind of dog (2 points)
c.      Depends on what kind of person (4 points)
d.     No (1 point)

6.     Where is your dog(s) right now?
a.     At home with inside/outside access (4 points)
b.     With me (5 points)
c.      At home with outside access only (2 points)
d.     At home with inside access only (3 points)
e.     Dog daycare (5 points)
f.      Don’t have a dog (2 points)

7.     When you chose your current residence, did you consider your dogs (or future dogs) comfort?
a.     Yes, the only reason residence was chose (5 points)
b.     Yes, but not a factor in final decision (3 points)
c.      No (1 point)

8.     Are you afraid of…?
a.     Large dogs (3 points)
b.     Small dogs (2 points)
c.      Specific breeds (1 point)
d.     None, love all sizes and breeds (5 points)

9.     Where did you get your most recent dog?
a.     Breeder (3 points)
b.     Pet store (2 points)
c.      Adopted or rescued (5 points)
d.     Dog was forced on you (1 point)
e.     Don’t have a dog (2 points)

10. Do you consider your most recent dog spoiled?
a.     Yes, pampered rotten (5 points)
b.     Yes, but spouse/roommate/siblings fault (3 points)
c.      No (2 points)
d.     Don’t own a dog (2 points)

Thanks for taking this quiz meant for fun only, nothing scientific going on here.
Add up your score and see how you did…

10 – 20 points           You basically got points just for taking this quiz.
                                  Get a cat!

21 – 30 points           You belong in the baby boomer generation of dog
                                  owners.  Wake up old timer, it’s 2017
31 – 40 points           Like a puppy, you have good intentions...
                                  just need guidance in certain areas

41 - 50 points            Extreme dog person. I want to be re-incarnated
                                  as your dog