It's Pet Appreciation Week! 5 Easy Ways To Show Your Dog Appreciation

Featured Camper: Becky at Camp Run-A-Mutt Houston Energy Corridor!
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It's Pet Appreciation Week! The week is celebrated from June 2nd – June 8th, and was created in 1981 as an awareness campaign from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Today, most of us see our pets as beloved members of the family (going so far as to call them our fur-babies!), but almost 40 years ago our pets weren’t always considered a core part of the family. AVMA’s awareness campaign set out to change all that!

We love our dogs and our time with them, but it’s easy to go through the everyday motions and forget how much joy they bring us. It’s nice to take a moment and celebrate our furry family members (plus, any opportunity to spoil our pups is great!). We’ve rounded up five easy ways to show your dog lots of appreciation and love. Let’s get celebrating!

1. Cook your dog their favorite meal.

I don’t know about your dog, but mine goes crazy for barbecued hamburgers. I swear he knows as soon as the grill gets hot, because his nose goes straight up in the air and starts sniffing! And when it’s his turn to eat, he’s one happy camper!

I’m sure your dog has a favorite meal. Hamburger? Chicken? Whatever it is, cooking their favorite meal is a surefire way to a happy smile AND tummy! They’ll definitely be feeling the love!

2. Indulge your dog with a homemade treat.

Everybody loves treats, and Pet Appreciation Week seems like a perfect opportunity to treat your dog to something extra special. If you enjoy baking, try this recipe for homemade frozen apple dog treats. Bonus points for being budget friendly!

Your dog will definitely feel appreciated around treat time.
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3. Take your dog on a field trip for a “Secret Menu” item treat.

Puppuccino at Starbucks
Are you ready for a special Starbucks run? If your dog loves car rides, driving to your local Starbucks for their unofficial “puppuccino” drink (a little cup of whipped cream) will get them licking their chops AND excited for future car rides.

Pup Cup at Dairy Queen
With the weather warming up, you can stop by Dairy Queen with your dog for a Pup Cup (a little cup of soft-serve vanilla ice cream).

Everybody loves ice cream.
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Pup Patty at In-N-Out
Do you live in California or happen to be visiting? Going to In-N-Out is a must, and now your dog can join in the delicious fast food with their Pup Patty, a plain hamburger without salt.

Dog Treats at Chick-Fil-A
If you’re craving a chicken sandwich but your dog is looking at you with longing eyes, many Chick-Fil-A locations reportedly have dog treats on hand by the drive-thru window. Your dog will probably still look at you with longing eyes, but at least you won’t feel as guilty!

4. Are you and your dog in a rut? Change your walking routine.

Does your dog seem kind of bored by the same old neighborhood walk everyday? Taking her to a new location for her walk (like a local park) is a great way to spice up your routine with fascinating new sights and smells. Or consider revisiting a place she’s already been and loved (like a favorite hiking spot). It’s time for an adventure!

Our time with our pets is so special.
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5. Just hang out together.

The best gift we can give our dogs is the gift of time spent together. Most of us aren’t able to be with our dogs during the work day, but the weekend is a great time to just hang out and spend time together. If you’ve got a day on the weekend to relax, spend some time with your dog doing things you both love like throwing the ball in a game of catch or snuggling on the couch watching a movie on Netflix.

How do you like to show your dog love and appreciation? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.

Oh, and happy Pet Appreciation Week!

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